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Why should I use Google+ vs any other social networking site?

Pete Cashmore wrote up his top “10 things [Google+] does better“.  I recently posed the question on Google+ and one of my friends, Marc B., replied with this article.  I’ve had some time to use Google+ since I posed this question, and I will agree that Google+ is better on many fronts, but I never really saw a value in using Facebook because I’m a hermit.  Seriously though, I don’t like sharing a lot of information about myself mainly due to paranoia.  I don’t want freaks profiling me, and I think one of the reasons I think this way is because my job requires/recommends (gray area) I don’t share too much for this very reason.  So with me not seeing much value in Facebook, I sort of feel the same way about Google+.  I read this article hoping it would provide more “Ah-HA!” moments, but sadly I already knew the 10 things.  Don’t get me wrong, they are all valid reasons, and pretty good one’s to switch over to Google+ from any other social networking site, and I haven’t taken the time yet, but I plan on getting rid of all my FB information accept for a note indicating I’ve jumped ship to Google+ and how to reach me.

So not providing any more information, but reaffirming the reasons, or “things” as Pete put it, I still may get more involved in the social networking platform Google has developed.  Maker knows, I spend a ton of time on my computer at work and at home so I should be more willing to use it, but the maker also knows I spend a majority of my time reading about topics I’m interested in, attending school, playing games, or doing the many other activities on my computer.  So adding arbitrary information on a social networking site is the last thing on my mind.

Enough of my rambling, check out the review and you decide if it’s worth using.   http://goo.gl/W37aU

So, what do you think ?

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