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Why I’m Pro-Choice

I understand this may alienate me from people, even my wife to some degree as she’s pro-life. I totally respect how people feel about abortion and they have every right to feel the way they do. It doesn’t mean my decision is any more or less valid when compared to everyone else’s decision. This is simply the way I feel.

This is in response to the statement a friend of mine posted on Facebook, on the topic of being pro-choice vs being pro-life.

He wrote after a lot of back and forth comments:

The heart of the matter is that you’re deciding for someone else what is best for them, without asking them what they want to do. If someone grows up, decides they had a shit life, and kills themselves I’m cool with that, it’s their decision, and their right.

So Robert, I usually don’t get involve in these sorts of debates online (I’m pro-choice by the way) but Robert, you mentioned that you’re cool if a kid decides to off himself because his/her life was hell, to which they may have no control over. I find that oddly morbid that it’s OK for a kid/adult, who’s had the short end of the stick their whole life, to commit suicide. It wasn’t their decision to be punished their whole life yet they were and because of that it makes it OK to commit suicide? So to spell that out, it’s not OK to kill an embryo, but it is OK for a parent to kill their kid by proxy of torture, to which the kid decides they have nothing to live for and commits suicide? If that’s the case, why inject society with another victim when we have more than enough out there being beaten and abused physically and mentally by their own biological parents, let alone their foster/adopted parents? And with that logic, it’s OK to subject kids to torture over many years, but it’s not OK to ensure that the embryo can never grow into a torture victim? I understand there is no guarantees in life and an embryo can grow up to be a healthy baby, and in a healthy loving relationship, but even that’s not a guarantee either. I believe that if there are health risks for either the mother, or the soon to be baby then it should be only up to the mother AND NO ONE ELSE IN THIS EXISTENCE that can say whether the embryo should considered to grow into a baby. However, after a baby can legally survive outside the mother’s womb, even if it requires assistance, abortion should no longer be viable unless complications develop that could terminate both the mother and the baby. I also agree that if a woman is raped and it’s too emotionally traumatic for them to endure the pregnancy, they should have a choice. However, I feel it is every woman’s responsibility, to the unborn child, to see the birth through if enough time has passed for the fetus to develop to a state of dependence, at which point the baby can be adopted.

Kids don’t have many choices in life, they’re told what to do until they’ve gotten old enough to be trusted to make their own decisions, and that trust doesn’t come in totality until they’re out on their own and even that’s a stretch. So once again, you say it’s OK if they kill themselves, so long as it’s on their terms. As far as I know, it was never on their terms, it’s always on external variables that sets the terms which have influence in their lives that drives them to commit suicide. It’s not that easy to shrug off people that physically and verbally abuse you every moment of your life. At that point the only escape may feel like suicide. Suicide isn’t a kids first choice, it’s usually their last attempt at being free. Kids who are happy don’t simply make a choice to kill themselves as the first method to overcome difficulties. The same is true of kids who are beaten down in life. They don’t immediately default to suicide.

Abortion doesn’t equal torture. Abortion doesn’t equal pain as long as it’s early enough in the development of that embryo. Abortion doesn’t equal unfairness. It’s only unfair if you feel that way because it conflicts with your thoughts. Embryos aren’t developed enough to even have thoughts or feelings. Embryos have no concept of self so they cant decide what’s unfair or what’s torture or what’s pain. Embryos are simply a group of cells that, if given enough time, will develop into a fetus which will develop into a baby. I’m not saying this because I dislike you. Infact quite the opposite. I enjoy a healthy debate amongst my peers. This has nothing to do with you Robert. In fact this has nothing to do with any male entity in this world. As far as I’m concerned, they don’t have a say in the decision, present company included. All I’m saying is I feel that other’s shouldn’t dictate how a mother should decide for herself if the mother is competent enough to make the decisions on her own. Our world has always had dictators since the beginning of time, it’s called natural selection or survival of the fittest. These dictators also go by another name… parents. I don’t think its up to us to muddy the waters of nature even more by making decisions for others on this sort of topic.

…and that’s why I’m pro-choice.


  • Rob |

    The decision to commit suicide isn’t one I would recommend for most adults and children of any age, but at least in the context of the argument (which is about pure individual choice) I claimed that I am ok with a person commiting suicide, as it is their choice.

    If you don’t think I haven’t grown up with the short end of the stick, you don’t know me. You don’t know that my own mother tried to commit suicide multiple times on anti-depressant medications when I was growing up.

    I’m not specifically talking about mentally depressed and abused people and encouraging them to commit suicide by any means, being abused is horrible and a crime against humanity, but more along the lines of terminally ill patients with uncurable diseases who want to take their own life and are of sound mind. I believe it should be their choice, there decision to decide when they end and not have to suffer.

    Also I have incontrovertible proof that an embryo is in fact a human being. See the ultrasound I posted of my daughter when she was only “a collection of cells”, but very much the same person as in the photo I took recently.

So, what do you think ?

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