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Moving from Outlook to Google

My friend Rick is planning on starting up a small, side business repairing computers for his neighborhood. Of course he wants to start up a website to help advertise his services. I mentioned to him that I was interested in helping him create the site and between us we have a ton of ideas for the site. He knows what he wants and I can help him with the technicalities.

He recently asked me if there were a way to show his Outlook calendar on his new website. I believe he wants to do this so he can keep track of his schedule and appointments. This got me thinking. I recently moved from Outlook to Google to make this sort of thing possible and very easy to view and manage. So I decided to make this article to discuss the points about why you would want to do this. In a later article I may write up a how-to for people out there looking to do something like this. Continue Reading