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Movie Review – The Road 8/10

Spoiler Alert – This movie was decent for a post-apocalyptic genre film. It has everything you would expect from your typical end of the world movies. The world is completely destroyed and so are the people. Resorting to cannibalism since there are no crops or animals left in the world, people are starving and will prey on anything or anyone they can manage to victimize. This movie’s about a father protecting really the only thing he has left in the world, his son, from the horrors of humanity. The son is too young to survive by himself and the father is trying to teach him the difference between right and wrong only to muddy those waters himself during certain moments of confrontation with other outsiders.

I really enjoy watching these movies, not because of the horrific nature, but because it reminds me that I’m human and what it means to be human and survive. This movie didn’t have all the gore and horror I’m used to seeing, but it took this genre one step further than most movies I’ve seen of this nature. It essentially gave no silver lining, no evidence of hope, it simply said our world is destroyed, period. When I use the word ‘world’ I mean more than just the earth, I mean human existence, or life. There’s nothing to live for because the skies are forever gray with clouds, the earth is getting colder and colder and soon will not support life as we know it.

It made me think what would happen if I were in that situation. Would I have the ability to take my life and families life for the sake of saving them from the tragedy that would and very well could befall them. I can only hope that if the end ever comes that we all are taken swiftly so that we wouldn’t have to endure such atrocities. In some ways I’ve become somewhat numb to these kinds of movies since I watch them enough, and part of me is grateful as it allows me to get past the painful emotions. However, with that being said, I also feel that part of my humanity is slightly lost as my emotions slip further away from me. Who knows, maybe in the early days of pre-history, during the age of cave men, we preyed on each other, and ate each other. I know it falls under the ‘survival of the fittest’ notion. And once our population became strong enough it was able to move beyond that vulgar era into an age of intelligence. This type of thing could have happened many times over and we may not have known about it due to any historical records of those previous times.

But I digress. I’m just very thankful for what I do have, and sure I wish for more, like having my family with me right here and right now, but I’m also very grateful that they are safe, healthy, and alive. I didn’t give this movie a 10 because it’s a rehash of many movies I’ve already seen. I give it an high 8 because it was done very well and yet was still original to a point.