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Earthdawn: Session One Recap & Armor-Defeating Hits



The first session of the actual campaign went well in my opinion.  Most of it was spent actually fighting, but isn’t that usually the case with our group?  I think you all did very well, especially with feeling out your character’s actions and roles.  All of you did well helping to flesh out the mechanics of game play and more specifically the combat system.  Hishou did really well with his ability to quickly move using flight and get attacks off from a distance with his throwing daggers.  Stubbz and Seaster were really effective at close and ranged ground combat by putting a hurtin’ on the enemy whenever possible.  Red was a vital part of the game for a couple reasons of which include realizing his role in the party by discovering what he could do to be a better tank as well as being a rather effective meat shield for the party when it counted.  Kirk and I spent yesterday working on his character, getting a better understanding of how his talents and skills work.  I’ll be discussing that in a different article later.  I believe everyone had at least one critical attack on any one particular mob, which is always fun to see that discovery happen.   Every time anyone crits an enemy my eyes always light up and I sit in anticipation for the damage roll to see how badass the characters can be.   Continue Reading

Game Preview – Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Various

If there is one game that I’m very excited about it’s this one!!!  I’ve followed this series since its creation, back in 1987 on the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).  It was a fabulous game back then and the series is finally getting better after attempting the 3D route and failing miserably.  I will admit the PlayStation 3D titles were pretty darn good, but the Nintendo 64 versions were just outright hideous.  After watching the latest trailer from E3 and seeing some of the game play, this game looks gorgeous and appears to have some unoriginal but tried and true game play.  It takes it’s main fighting style from a game that did it right, God of War.  In fact, there are a bunch of games out that use the same fighting style because it works so well.  Not only does it use God of War style fighting, but it also draws from other noticeable games.  One game in particular I have fallen in love with for it’s visuals as well as story and game play is Shadow of the Colossus.   The protagonist in this Castlevania game climbs up a giant so in some areas it looks to play the same as SotC.  You know the old saying, “Imitation is a form of flattery,” well this looks like it’s going to do a damn fine job of it!

What’s more, since Castlevania is made by Konami (in my opinion one of the greatest gaming developers/producers in video game history), and Hideo Kojima one of the greatest game developers who works for Konami, he has his studio working with the Castlevania developers.  This should turn out to be the one of the best of its series yet.  I can’t wait until it releases!   It’s still unknown what the release date is, however it’s projected in the fall of 2010, so very soon!