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My favorite artist at the moment – Hammock (ambient)

Hammock For those of us that like to listen to unintrusive music while we work, study, play, or for whatever reason, one band I really like at the moment that fits this bill is the band Hammock.  They’re genre is classified on Wikipedia as post-rock, ambient, shoegazing, which is a new genre I just heard of and very fitting.  For anyone who’s familiar with the ambient genre, this band is top notch using an entourage of musical gear and computers to make beautiful, serenely musical landscapes that put me into a euphoric state of mind.  This kind of music I could listen to while doing just about anything productive, other than getting pumped up for no good reason.  This music puts you in the right state of mind for anything that requires focus or relaxation. I like listening to them while at work when I’m working on my systems, or when I’m coding a web project or writing up server scripts.  It’s not intrusive like most other music, especially any songs with lyrics, which most if not all of Hammock’s songs are without.  I’ve been listening to them on YouTube, 8tracks and Soundcloud lately as there are plenty of mixes and tracks there including this wonderful band. Continue Reading