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Should I sign the Petition?

I want to.  I really do.  But I don’t know if I should just yet.

If you’re not familiar with this incident, you may be a little disheartened to find out about it.  I know I was when I first read about it in a petition that was sent to me in my email from change.org.  It deals with a young nurse and mother of two children that was involved in a fatal car accident in Colorado back on March 9th when she careened into the oncoming traffic lane after hitting a icy and snowy patch of road only to crash with another vehicle.  The details are extremely light as to what completely happened and I can only guess why more hasn’t been said.  Regardless the outcome was tragic and her two young children, ages 5 and 2, died that day.

The petition is to stop the Colorado DA from charging this young 22 year old woman, who was only a week new to Colorado and originally came from Texas, for careless driving.  I wanted to write about this because I’m torn as to what I should do.  I’ve been up writing about this, thinking it through and I still struggle as I read the comments posted on other sites by many people over these past three months or so.  Honestly, I’m not even sure how I ended up with the petition in my inbox, but nonetheless it got there and it gave me somethings to think about.

My first inclination was to sign the petition without any other information other than what is written in the petition.  But as usual, something nagged at me to find out more information and surprisingly I didn’t find much even after this topic has been in the public now for around 3 months.

I would suggest doing your own research first before reading my thoughts as I would much rather have someone with their own views read this instead of my views persuading their own.

Here are a few links to the sources I found:

Here are some of the facts I found according to the news articles:

  • Jamie Dowling was not wearing her seatbelt
  • The 2 year old was in a child seat
  • The 5 year old was in the normal car seat with the seatbelt on
  • The roads where freshly plowed
  • Snow was falling so there was fresh powder on the roads
  • “The State Patrol said excessive speed and alcohol or drug use are not suspected as contributing factors in the crash at this time.”
  • She was driving a 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt
  • The other vehicle involved hit the passenger side of her car

Here’s what I wrote.  (Keep in mind this is based on many different comments that were made on these difference websites):

The emotional, impulsive me says:

This is just grotesquely absurd on so many levels that a person would be charged with reckless driving when being involved in an accident.  An accident is NOT premeditated; it is NOT planned in any way, so how can you be accused of doing something wrong when involved in an accident?  Now I don’t know all the details, nor do I believe that anyone other than the people that were involved at that tragic moment fully know. Even then, I’m sure there are details that are obscured to those involved.  This poor girl has lost the love of her life and to some extent a part of her soul.  Why would anyone want to put their salty finger in that deep and horribly painful wound?  What I find even more baffling is why anyone would want to waste tax payer money on making someone’s life, which is now a living hell, a complete and utter nightmare?  I don’t live in Colorado but I would be extremely angry with paying anyone’s salary that would do something like this to anyone.  Now like I said, I don’t know all the details so I can’t speak with any authority on this matter, but if any of the information in this petition has an ounce of truth then this shouldn’t be a reality.  I’m just dumbfounded that this was even a thought in someone’s twisted mind.  Why are we taxpayers providing any sort of payroll for anyone who is so filthy and corrupt with their own agendas?   I am ashamed to be in a world with such complete and total obscene and offensive human waste.

The pragmatic, thought provoked me says:

I’m not arguing for the sake of arguing, I’m genuinely curious why people (commentators) feel like they have something viable to say and what they say has any sort of authority on the matter.  How do people feel they have any sense of authority when discussing this topic?  Were you at the scene during the time of the accident?  To some extent even the officer that arrived at the scene has very little authority over knowing exactly what happened.  He didn’t see what actually happened.  He could only deduce what happened by asking questions and observing certain clues about the scene.  Even the officer is not an expert as to what happened.  He’s simply an educated guesser.  Granted he’s much more of an expert than all of us who are commenting about it since he was there and we weren’t.  Even then, the people involved in the accident had an obscure view into what actually happened.  There’s no way to fully know the whole truth if the people involved and the evidence didn’t provide all the answers.  But that’s a different tangent and a whole other discussion I’m not having right now.

Some people say, “She shouldn’t have been driving.”  Why?  Because YOU said so?  What makes YOU the expert as to why she shouldn’t have been driving?  Do you know why she shouldn’t have been driving?  With that same logic then nobody should be driving ever, simply because I said so.   Other people can’t seem to get past and are fully hung up on the fact that she didn’t have her seat belt on?  For all I know, she could have been wearing her seat belt and pulled it off after the accident to help her children.  How does wearing a seat belt magically cause your tires to have grip or traction or make you a better driver?  Whether or not you have your seat belt on, this doesn’t give you some sort of magical control over your car you wouldn’t have otherwise.  Did you know that you can get a citation for taking your seat belt off after you’ve been pulled over, put your car in park, and turned off your engine simply so you can safely grab your wallet out of your pocket?  Where the hell is the logic in that?  The same goes for not having your insurance.  Yes not wearing your seat belt and not having insurance are citable but once again has no bearing on your ability to drive, especially in ice.  Of course other people are just talking out of their arses probably just to bait other trolls like themselves.

Listen, I feel extreme compassion for such a loss in anyone’s life, but I don’t know Jamie Dowling and I don’t know if she was a good or bad mother to her children.  What I do know is only what I have read and that isn’t much which is likely because there’s just too many unknowns as well as this is likely under investigation so not a lot of detail can be said yet.  I understand that losing a child, let alone multiple children can be and in most likely of cases IS the ultimate price a parent can pay, but not all parents feel this way.  Once again, I don’t know who Jamie is nor do I know how she feels about her kids.  I would hope that she is like me and loves her children beyond words, but I just don’t know if she is that way.  It’s horrible and tragic to find out that kids are dying so frequently but that’s only because technology affords us that ability.  More people in the world means more people die quicker, and with more technology comes more publicity.  This by no means a justification for anything, it just simply is.

I come from the mid-west where snow comes in droves practically every winter.  I’ve driven in snow many a year and can tell you that it takes very little effort to lose control of your vehicle.  I’m talking 3-5 miles an hour is enough to cause your vehicle to fishtail.  Also, depending on the temperatures the worst time to drive could be right after a plow passes through.  The reason is because the plow has just removed a layer of insulation off of the road and if any wind brushes against the pavement it can turn icy instantly.  Think igloos people.  Packed snow can trap heat.  What’s more, with fresh powder on the icy pavement, it turns into a sheet that’s so slick that if you were to come to a stop on top of it, get out and start pushing your vehicle with any traction behind you, you literally could start pushing a ton or more vehicle by yourself.  Now add the fact that this took place on a highway which as far as I know, all highways have  a gradient away from oncoming traffic.  So Jamie could have over corrected which cause her to go into the oncoming lane.  Regardless, you can push a car on ice on flat pavement, I’m simply stating that if it’s that easy on flat pavement then just imagine how easy it would be with any sort of gradient to the road.  Another detail that we all may not be privy to is what sort of tire she had on her vehicle.  Coming from Texas, depending on where she lived, the winter tires might not be sold, which means she likely had a set of “All season” tires.  All season tires don’t do especially well in winter weather as they are a general purpose tire not specifically made for any particular season.  However this detail has little bearing on the fact of the matter since I could speculate all day long how she could have improved her situation and it still wouldn’t fix the problem.

There is just not enough information for me to know or sway me a particular way on this matter.  I truly do feel for those directly involved with the loss of the children.  I wish no one that pain in life, even my own worst enemy.  If Jamie was truly a loving, caring mother, then I have the deepest, sincerest, heart-felt sympathy for her and her family and her children’s families.  However, by saying that she was careless for bringing her children out into those conditions is just an ignorant statement by anyone who utters those words.  Life comes with risks, even if that means sitting in a padded room attempting to avoid anything bad in life.  Even if it means drinking water.  You can die from that too!  If this truly was an accident then I’m sickened that anyone could consider prosecuting a parent for something of this nature and does not deserve the tax payer’s money nor deserves to share the same air I breathe nor live on the same planet as I do.

Help persuade me to make a choice or at least help me find more info on this.

The original petition link:

So, what do you think ?

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