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Too busy for school

I just got back from Nashville on a business trip last week.  It was pretty cool.  I got to meet our Dell reps, who I found out were also located in the same area.  At the same time I didn’t have time to work on homework.  I ended up shooting myself in the foot many tmes over when I realized that I wasn’t able to focus on the materials, let alone sit down and work on it.  I called finance @ Devry to find that if I canceled last week that I could get 25% of my tuition back, minus any processing costs.  Well, since it’s now the week after, I’m fully invested in the tuition and I’m still going to cancel my class because I just don’t have the time to work on homework.  I’ve got too many home projects going on right now, as well as kids to entertain, a wife to spend time with, and I’m really interested in the projects at work which is eating up a lot of my time.  If I have any time left, I will watch a little TV or play some video games.   School at this point isn’t working because I can’t spend the time to focus on it.  I feel so disappointed in myself that I’m doing horribly.  I’ve been getting all A’s and B’s and now… well it’s horrible.    Anyway, I will probably take off with school again after this sesssion or next.  I know it’s going to take me longer to graduate, but I don’t want to short change  myself either.

Anyway… I plan on canceling my class at this point because I’ll fail for sure.  I wish I was already graduated, but wishing isn’t going to get me anywhere.  Enough of my ranting.

Pandora Gadget

In case you didn’t know, there’s a gadget now for Windows Vista / 7 that’s available for your sidebar / desktoppandora_gadget (respectively) that allows you to run Pandora separate from a internet browser.  If you usually run Firefox or IE 7 or 8, you can run Pandora in a different tab, but why do that any more?

You can get the gadget here.

This is very handy if you listen to Pandora all the time, but it does have the added nuisance of prompting you every hour if you’re “Still Listening”.  If you have either Windows Vista or 7 this is a definate toy to have.

More to come

I’m over at my in-laws right now, getting ready to eat dinner. I’m kinda in the way since I’m setup on the dinner table, using Jenny’s laptop. My son just dumped a small box of marbles all over the floor and my daughter decided to be nice and help him out. I’m going to start using WordPress as my drug of choice to keep track of what’s going on in my life. I liked Concrete5 for a while, but there’s too much setup. I think C5 is good for business sites that are a little more static than what I plan for my site here. I’m just getting into the blogging world so I have a lot to post and a lot to learn.

I kind of got interested in doing this since I went to a business meeting last week where Web 2.0 or Enterprise 2.0 was described. I can see a lot of good qualities that can come out of this technology, but I have to be social enough to publish my thoughts here. I will post more as time comes, but I’m still kind of poking around.