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Weekend's here at last!

Well the weekend’s finally here.  This week went relatively quick, but the days are long when you’re pulling 9 to 10 hour days.  I’m trying to make up time for my Friday off next week.  Now that the weekend’s here, what should I do with myself.  I usually just sit around playing on my laptop.  I might go up to Vail and visit Dan, Megan and kids, but I’m not 100% sure yet.  I know Dan and I are supposed to get together to go scouting for deer as Dan’s hunting season’s quickly approaching.  If anything we may just go target shooting.

I thought about renting another movie, but I just got done watching two these past couple days.  (Saw V; The Watchmen)  Saw was pretty predictable and I’ve come to the conclusion it’s no longer about the gore, I mean how can it be, it’s not 5 movies into it and they’re simply running out of morbid ideas to kill or maim people.  However, the story is pretty interesting, and the cast is great.  I’m surprised to see how many known actors are in these movies.  I’m interesting in seeing Saw VI, but it just left the theaters so it’ll be a while before I get to see it on video.  As far as “The Watchmen”, hands down I give it 11 out of 10.  It’s the absolute best super hero movie I’ve ever seen.  It’s followed only by “The Dark Knight” and a close third would be “Batman Begins.”  I really liked the X-Men movies, but they were a little too all over the place and very little if no character development.  On the other hand, “The Watchment” had tons of character development for the right characters.  I love the fact that it shows how superheros are human too and have their share of problems.  This movie kind of reminds me of “The Incredibles” where they were heroes at first but people started to hate them so they hid in plain sight and became average.  But there’s so much more to it.

Anywho, now I guess I’ll find a game to play and do that for a while.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Posting from my Droid

nullThis is pretty sweet! I’m able to post to my blog from my new Moto Droid. I still have to get used to the keyboard however it’s pretty amazing what you can do w/technology. I can’t see a real great need for this since it’s pretty cumbersome to type anything out. I am finding that it’s easier to type something w/the touch screen than w/the textile keyboard. Anyway, I’ll end this here for now.

As you can see, the picture I’m trying to add is not showing on this entry. So there’s still some work that needs to be done on this app to get things right. Nonetheless, very cool.

Hot Air Balloon Ride!

I went out on my first hot air balloon ride this weekend.  My colleague invited me to go with him up to Tucson to help crew for the inflating and deflating of the balloon and as a perk I got to ride in it.  It was pretty cool.  We only went up approximately 200 – 300 ft max and were flying for about an hour, albeit we weren’t in the air the whole time.  The pilot was practicing takeoffs and landings, and most of the time we were only hovering anywhere between 5ft and approximately 75ft.  Let me tell you, it’s pretty intimidating being up even to the height we were, seeing it was my first time in a hot air balloon.  It was equally exciting.  In all honesty, I would have liked to get up a lot higher than we did, and hover at that altitude for longer than a few minutes, but a free flight for helping crew is fine by me.Balloon_Trip_004

I didn’t know much about hot air balloons, nor do I know much about them now compared to the pilot that has flown his balloon for 7 years now, but I learned some things that are helpful and interesting.  For example, a man of my height (6’4”) needs a hat when riding in the basket.  Every time the burners are engaged I could feel the heat coming from them, hitting the top of my head.  A few times I had to throw the hood up on my hoodie to help block the heat, however it was warm enough outside where I didn’t really need the hoodie and would get hot if I kept the hood up for longer than a few minutes.  Wearing a hat would have been more comfortable, so I guess I’ll need to buy one if I go riding again.  Also, I always wondered how hot air balloons are steered or guided.  There really isn’t any control over a hot air balloon other than rising and falling.  However, an interesting fact I found out is that depending on your altitude, the winds push in different directions.  So if you want to travel in any particular direction you have to get to a certain altitude, of course that’s if the winds are pushing that direction.  So in theory you can control the path your balloon takes, so long as you can Balloon_Trip_002find the currents that push in the direction you wish to travel.

Balloon_Trip_003It turns out that the pilot of this particular balloon, comically named “One Piece At A Time”, is going to be in Sierra Vista this coming weekend, from Friday to Sunday for the Festival of Colors which will include up to 15 other pilots flying their own balloons.  I’ve been invited to join him and his remaining crew and possibly get another flight.

By the way, these pictures were taking with my new Droid phone.

Open House – Nov 1 (1-4p)

1878 Wyndham Ln. Rockton, IL 61072Just to put another post out there, we’re having an open house this weekend.  If anyone is interested, or knows anyone interested in moving into the Rockton area, this is a wonderful home with a large amount of land.  It’s a great first time home owner house.  See more details on the following sites.

Rockford FSBO
Criag’s List

My new apartment

OK, so I’ve decided to make a little 5 minute movie of my apartment for those of you who wish to see what I’m living in now.  I just moved out of my friend Dan’s house on the 9th and have spent these past three days getting it almost organized the way I want it.  I have my room left, which there’s not much of and I plan on completing it tonight.  Thankfully I’ve had three days off this week (including the holiday) so I’ve been able to get a lot done.  And now for the show.

Make sure you have Quicktime installed on your PC.  If you don’t, click here to download it and install it on your PC.

By the way, I’ll have more of this to come once I get out and start roaming the back roads.  As they say, “When in Rome…”

Review: Inglorious Basterds

Stars: 2 of 5

Inglorious BasterdsWell my friend Marc and I went to go see the movie ‘Inglorious Basterds’ last night and much like other Quentin Tarantino movies, this was very absurd.  It didn’t have much to do with the ‘Bastards’ as  would have liked to see.  In fact, the ‘Bastards’ were only in about one-fourth to one-fifth of the movie.  Much like in Pulp Fiction, there were different people it focused on at different times in the movie and everyone was connected through some means.

Movies today are getting more and more visually graphic with their blood, guts, and gore, and this was no exception.  There were scenes with people getting shot gratuitously and you could see all the detail.  There were other people getting hit with a bat and the violence was exacerbated by showing the scenes over and over.  As a guy, I like this kind of stuff, but even for me it makes me cringe a little.  I guess I’ve not watched this sort of stuff in a while so I’m less numb to it now.

I will admit there were a few funny parts in the movie, but that was highly overshadowed by the unnecessary scenes that were many.  Granted a lot of these unnecessary scenes did help to set the intensity of the movie, I feel the movie could have been just as good with out.  Character development plays a big role in a lot of movies and sometimes it’s underdeveloped in a lot of good movies.  I know there are a handful of movies I would have loved to have seen more character development in, but this one decided to go the opposite direction.  There were scenes and characters that did definitely move the plot in right direction, but the characters felt unimportant and unwanted.  I would say I liked the movie over all, but it had much to be desired.

My first week in AZ.

Well I’ve completed my first week in Arizona and it’s been interesting.  I first got out here on Friday the 18th of September and spent the weekend visiting with Dan and his family.  I’ve known Dan ever since 1997 when we both served upon the USS Belleau Wood (LHA-3) in the IT department.  I wasn’t called that at the time, it was called ADP or Automated Data Processing.  But that’s another story.  I also met up with Marc on Saturday (19th) and we proceeded to the building that I would be working in to check out my area where I’d be working.  Marc is another buddy I too worked with on the USS Belleau Wood (LHA-3). I am now working in a cube-farm and Marc is my team lead but that’s about all I can say about that.

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I'm leaving for AZ…

…(to the tune of ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’)

Well I’m off for AZ.  I got word today that my paperwork has been approved and so I’ll be leaving as soon as I get the last document in the mail tomorrow.  It’s been a blast here in Illinois, but as Doug from MTV’s ‘The State’ would say, “I’m outa heeeeeeere!”  Good times and sad times though.  I’m happy that I’m finally going out to AZ, but I’m also sad to be leaving with my family still here.  Nonetheless, I’ll be back periodically and my wife will have her immediate family so she’ll be fine.  The kids are so young that they could give a rat’s ass right now.  I know Damian will be more observant of my absence, and it will probably hit him a couple days after I’m gone.  Now Skype will really pay off (if I actually paid for it).  I plan on keeping touch with the family using Skype daily (if possible).

And now my tribute to ‘The State’:

Still in town

Well I’m still waiting for the word to move to AZ.  I figured it would have been delivered to me this week, but no luck.  So I hope to hear something this coming week.  So for those people out that that actually read this, I’ll be in town for a little longer.  However, I’m very busy right now with school and the house.

Want to buy a house?

Well, our house is up for sale!  We got it ready for pictures today so we can post them on RockfordFSBO.com.  It should be posted by tomorrow.  If you know anyone who wants to buy a really nice 2 story house with a great yard and is close to everything (schools, stores, highway).  We spent the last few days getting it ready at least for the pictures.  Now we have a bit more to do before we sell, like emptying the basement and the garage of all of our crap.  We have a storage unit that we’ll be bringing out junk over to.  It should house all of it.  I’ll post some pictures here once they’re posted on RFSBO’s site.