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How precious life is

Why is it that I never have enough time in my life to do the important things.  Sure I study for my certifications and my tests for school so that I can better my life and in turn better my families life, but at what cost?  Also, I am a video game addict and I cant get enough of them.  I spend a ton of my time in front of my computer, reading up on completely unrelated crap that has nothing to do with my studies because I have a curiosity about the music artist Kaskade, or Imogen Heap, or the video game Terraria, or how to setup a FreeNAS box, or listen to other people about why they run a blog, and worry about putting too much information up on my Facebook site because of someone profiling me and my family.  There’s all kinds of things in the world I would love to be apart of, like the lives of my distant friends around the tiny planet we call Earth, or as it’s known throughout other clans as Terra or Gaia.  I’d love to go to more concerts featuring awesome Techno groups like Daft Punk, or Deadmau5, or see a good rock band like Phoenix.

I want to go see the world with my kids.  I want to have fun at Disney Land with them one weekend now that we live in AZ.  I want to build memories with my family but I’m too infatuated with what’s going on in my mind at the moment.  I know I have some sort of ADD because I can’t seem to focus on any one thing for too long before something else trumps my interest and then I’m off on that tangent!!!  It doesn’t interfere with my civic or personal responsibilities in life, but it sure does get me down some times when I take so long to research a solution to my problems that that in itself becomes a problem I need to resolve.

It’s now 1am, and I’m rambling on about nothing and everything.  Why isn’t there more time in the day to get the stuff done that I want to do.  I guess its because I’m busy helping everyone else out with their questions and problems that any time I do get it’s for my entertainment only and not always for my benefit.  What to do, what to do.  I guess I live with it for now.

It’s bed time, good night all!


Be smart when donating… Japan relief

Today I had a conversation with a co-worker about philanthropy. I had mentioned that I had spoke with my wife and said that I wish I could go to Japan to help them. I thought the only real way I could truly help would be to donate. In the past I’ve donated money to the American Red Cross for hurricane Katrina, as well as to help with the Indonesian Tsunami and I didn’t think much of where my money was actually going. My co-worker said, “don’t donate to the Red Cross, they’re a bunch of crooks.” He went on further to say that they won’t present all the funds you donate to the cause of your choice. I can’t remember if he said that the donations pads the pockets of the executives at the Red Cross but that’s how I received it.

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Restaurant Review: Outside Inn

I was trying to post this on Google’s reviews listing for the restaurant but it wouldn’t go so I’ve decided to post my review here for now until I can get it up on Google.

“This restaurant is far from a diamond in the rough.

Let me start off by saying that the Outside Inn is a quaint little place off the main highway that from my initial impression looked very nice. It’s an old house that was made into a cozy little restaurant. So I was pleased at the sight of the place, Continue Reading

What should I do?

I’m still up at 12:50a make that 1:30a after looking at some different options online.  I can’t decide whether to go with something like a home media server (HMS) or use a service a like Carbonite.  The pros to the HMS is that I can back up as many computers as I want, and in this case it would be 3 within the cost of the product (~$600).   That would come out to $200/pc for the first year, $100/PC for year 2, and $50 for year 3.  Where as I would spend $150/year for Carbonite and after three years it would equal the cost of the home media server.  However, the HMS would be more cost effective after the fourth year as the cost would come down to $75 (or $25/PC x 3 PCs) and of course would cost less the following year so long as I don’t add any more storage to it.  If I do add more storage I would likely add an additional 1.5TB HDD costing around $150 on the third year, thus costing more than Carbonite at the time.  Also, Carbonite is in the cloud and is backed up and it’s unlimited storage whereas the media server is finite.  I likely wont use it for my Mac just yet as I already have a backup solution for it but it’s a local drive.  So if the apartment burns down and we don’t grab that drive, we’ll lose a ton of data that’s pretty precious.

I’m thinking Carbonite would be my best bet after thinking this through. What’s your thoughts?

Hunting 2010

Well my 1st hunting season was a bust.  I didn’t get a deer and I saw next to none.  I have a couple pictures I can share, but they were of the first day I went out into the mountains.  I was supposed to go with my buddy Dan, but unfortunately at the last minute he stepped on a nail and there’s no way I could expect him to get around with a tender foot.  My season was from the Friday after Thanksgiving until the following Thursday (Nov 27-Dec2).  On Wednesday I saw 4 deer, three doe and 1 buck, but they were standing in front of the sun, so I wasn’t able see them through my scope.  On Thursday,I went out to the same location I was at on Wednesday but the only thing I saw was two javelina and a rabbit.  I stayed out both nights until I couldn’t see anything on land.  Wish I could have gotten something, but no worries, there’s always next year.

For some reason, when I made a panorama of the mountain top with my gun in it, it cropped out the gun butt.  It looks a little silly, but I’m still posting it here.