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Steam Workshop – Befuddled Frosting

Befuddled Frosting

Steam Workshop Well I’ve created my first map for Portal 2.  I wanted to make it as elaborate as possible but not to overbearing to where people want to give up after too long.  I plan on doing more maps and if I have time look into the Hammer editor.  If anyone has any great tips or if anyone knows of any good tutorials on how to use Hammer, I’d greatly appreciate the help.

Please let me know what you’re thoughts are of my first Portal 2 map – Befuddled Frosting.

Why I’m Pro-Choice

I understand this may alienate me from people, even my wife to some degree as she’s pro-life. I totally respect how people feel about abortion and they have every right to feel the way they do. It doesn’t mean my decision is any more or less valid when compared to everyone else’s decision. This is simply the way I feel.

This is in response to the statement a friend of mine posted on Facebook, on the topic of being pro-choice vs being pro-life.

He wrote after a lot of back and forth comments:

The heart of the matter is that you’re deciding for someone else what is best for them, without asking them what they want to do. If someone grows up, decides they had a shit life, and kills themselves I’m cool with that, it’s their decision, and their right.

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Help stop SOPA/PIPA

My WordPress Site is going dark, on Jan 18th (tomorrow), in protest of Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and PROTECT IP Act (PIPA).

I’m following the lead that many people and companies are setting. If you haven’t heard about it yet, look into SOPA and PIPA. These are very bad bills that may come our way and may stifle creativity and free speech on the internet. This is pretty serious and all sorts of sites are blacking out their sits in protest. If you have a site, please consider doing the same thing so that the message is loud and clear. Speak up for free speech and let the government know that you don’t agree with the actions they’re taking.

I understand that combating piracy is a huge ordeal and is very costly, but these bills will globally sacrifice ingenuity and creativity and will cause more damage than what the makers of this bill have anticipated. I agree that fighting piracy is a good thing, but taking measures such as SOPA and PIPA are going about it all the wrong way.

If you run a WordPress site, please consider using a black out plugin. I’ve decided to go with the “Go Dark” plugin since it has the feature of setting a date and time when to start the black out as well as putting your own message on the site.

Here’s reasons why SOPA and PIPA are bad:

Note: Please don’t just black out your site.  Do it the right way.  Read this article for further details so that when the black out is over, you’re not penalized for doing so by the major search engines like Google and Yahoo!

Here is a great video explaining what these bills are about and what sort of trouble we’re in for if these pass in the house and senate.

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

My favorite artist at the moment – Skrillex

There’s a certain style of music that’s been around for a couple years now that until recent has really caught my attention. That style of music is called dubstep and there’s a few acts out in the world right now that do a helluva job with it. One in particular is Sonny Moore, more popularly known as Skrillex.

I can’t seem to get enough of his music and I listen to some of his songs over and over. In fact, I find it interesting how producers of today’s media content (TV & music) are using the internet for some of their content. Skrillex also does the same with his music. In one of his more popular songs, “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites,” Skrillex samples an audio clip from a speed stacking video on YouTube. You can more information about SpeedStackingGirl on the wiki page.

The music is very energizing for me and I love all the funky twists through out each song.  I simply can’t believe that Skrillex uses some pretty simple tools to perform his music.  In an article I read from Beatportal, Skrillex went on to say what his gear consists of:

“I’ve got the most minimal “rig,” if you’d even call it that. Macbook Pro, Ableton Live, some KRK’s (I actually did the whole Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites EP with the right speaker blown!) and some plugins. “

I love the arts and this is definitely one of them that hits the top of my list.  I look forward to hearing more from Sonny and wish him the best in all he does.

Thanks for sharing such wonderful and interesting sounds with us!

Why should I use Google+ vs any other social networking site?

Pete Cashmore wrote up his top “10 things [Google+] does better“.  I recently posed the question on Google+ and one of my friends, Marc B., replied with this article.  I’ve had some time to use Google+ since I posed this question, and I will agree that Google+ is better on many fronts, but I never really saw a value in using Facebook because I’m a hermit.  Seriously though, I don’t like sharing a lot of information about myself mainly due to paranoia.  I don’t want freaks profiling me, and I think one of the reasons I think this way is because my job requires/recommends (gray area) I don’t share too much for this very reason.  So with me not seeing much value in Facebook, I sort of feel the same way about Google+.  I read this article hoping it would provide more “Ah-HA!” moments, but sadly I already knew the 10 things.  Don’t get me wrong, they are all valid reasons, and pretty good one’s to switch over to Google+ from any other social networking site, and I haven’t taken the time yet, but I plan on getting rid of all my FB information accept for a note indicating I’ve jumped ship to Google+ and how to reach me.

So not providing any more information, but reaffirming the reasons, or “things” as Pete put it, I still may get more involved in the social networking platform Google has developed.  Maker knows, I spend a ton of time on my computer at work and at home so I should be more willing to use it, but the maker also knows I spend a majority of my time reading about topics I’m interested in, attending school, playing games, or doing the many other activities on my computer.  So adding arbitrary information on a social networking site is the last thing on my mind.

Enough of my rambling, check out the review and you decide if it’s worth using.   http://goo.gl/W37aU

Want to run two separate Firefox browsers…?

Do you have more than one Gmail account, or  how about more than one Twitter, Facebook, Google+ accounts?  Find it difficult to juggle between all of them using one browser because you have to keep logging out of one to log into the other?  Larry Prevost has an article explaining how to set Firefox up with multiple profiles to allow you to run these multiple accounts separate from each other.  Check it out here.

Webify Me

My Webification in action!

Want to know how the web describes you? Head on over to Webifyme.org to find out. It will let you know what a standard horoscope can tell you, nothing specific. But wait there’s more!!! You can see other people’s webification in action. If you know your friends webifyme code, you can see what they look like on the web too.  Post yours on your personal website (like me ^_^) or to your social website like Google+, Facebook, or Twitter account.

Gamer’s of the world unite!!!

The following video is Jane McGonigal’s TED talk from February, 2010 about how we’re not gaming enough and need to do more to better our world.  It’s very interesting and I have some comments I’d like to air as a realist, not a pessimist.   I like the concept, but I’m not sure just yet how it will improve our world when there’s too many greedy people in the world.  Have a look:

Ok, so here’s my comments on the video:
“There is no unemployment, there is no sitting around wringing your hands {in the gaming world}.”
Right, because you have the option of shutting off that life and you can come back to reality or move on to a different virtual world.  So if you’re have difficulties in this game you can step away from your gaming console and read a book, watch TV, socialize with real life friends.  You can’t step away from real life because it’s a foundation that cannot ‘not’ exist.  If someone dies in your life, sure you can ignore it by playing video games, but that’s just masking the real life problems with distractions.  Sure, people need distractions in their life to cope but because you play more video games, when do you have the time to focus on your responsibilities? Continue Reading