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Family & Friends – Access Granted – Sticky

To all family members and friends, Kathy and I will be posting more of our personal information on this site now that we’ve got a way to protect the data (or so I hope).  Protection comes in the way of user accounts on the site.  If you want to keep up with our family then I ask that you click the Join Us link (here) above and sign up by creating a user account.  It’s fairly simple and only takes a few minutes.

Because access is only for friends and family, when you register it may take a day or two for one of us to review the request and approve it, so please be patient.

If you want to speed things along, you have our email addresses, shoot us an email and let us know you want to see what we’ve got available on the harmsfam.net site and we can grant approval that much quicker.

Once you’ve gotten access, leave us a comment here letting us know your thoughts of the process if you like, or just say hi!

So, what do you think ?

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