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Family & Friends – Access Granted – Sticky

To all family members and friends, Kathy and I will be posting more of our personal information on this site now that we’ve got a way to protect the data (or so I hope).  Protection comes in the way of user accounts on the site.  If you want to keep up with our family then I ask that you click the Join Us link (here) above and sign up by creating a user account.  It’s fairly simple and only takes a few minutes.

Because access is only for friends and family, when you register it may take a day or two for one of us to review the request and approve it, so please be patient.

If you want to speed things along, you have our email addresses, shoot us an email and let us know you want to see what we’ve got available on the harmsfam.net site and we can grant approval that much quicker.

Once you’ve gotten access, leave us a comment here letting us know your thoughts of the process if you like, or just say hi!

My favorite artist at the moment – Hammock (ambient)

Hammock For those of us that like to listen to unintrusive music while we work, study, play, or for whatever reason, one band I really like at the moment that fits this bill is the band Hammock.  They’re genre is classified on Wikipedia as post-rock, ambient, shoegazing, which is a new genre I just heard of and very fitting.  For anyone who’s familiar with the ambient genre, this band is top notch using an entourage of musical gear and computers to make beautiful, serenely musical landscapes that put me into a euphoric state of mind.  This kind of music I could listen to while doing just about anything productive, other than getting pumped up for no good reason.  This music puts you in the right state of mind for anything that requires focus or relaxation. I like listening to them while at work when I’m working on my systems, or when I’m coding a web project or writing up server scripts.  It’s not intrusive like most other music, especially any songs with lyrics, which most if not all of Hammock’s songs are without.  I’ve been listening to them on YouTube, 8tracks and Soundcloud lately as there are plenty of mixes and tracks there including this wonderful band. Continue Reading

Earthdawn: Session One Recap & Armor-Defeating Hits



The first session of the actual campaign went well in my opinion.  Most of it was spent actually fighting, but isn’t that usually the case with our group?  I think you all did very well, especially with feeling out your character’s actions and roles.  All of you did well helping to flesh out the mechanics of game play and more specifically the combat system.  Hishou did really well with his ability to quickly move using flight and get attacks off from a distance with his throwing daggers.  Stubbz and Seaster were really effective at close and ranged ground combat by putting a hurtin’ on the enemy whenever possible.  Red was a vital part of the game for a couple reasons of which include realizing his role in the party by discovering what he could do to be a better tank as well as being a rather effective meat shield for the party when it counted.  Kirk and I spent yesterday working on his character, getting a better understanding of how his talents and skills work.  I’ll be discussing that in a different article later.  I believe everyone had at least one critical attack on any one particular mob, which is always fun to see that discovery happen.   Every time anyone crits an enemy my eyes always light up and I sit in anticipation for the damage roll to see how badass the characters can be.   Continue Reading

Should I sign the Petition?

I want to.  I really do.  But I don’t know if I should just yet.

If you’re not familiar with this incident, you may be a little disheartened to find out about it.  I know I was when I first read about it in a petition that was sent to me in my email from change.org.  It deals with a young nurse and mother of two children that was involved in a fatal car accident in Colorado back on March 9th when she careened into the oncoming traffic lane after hitting a icy and snowy patch of road only to crash with another vehicle.  The details are extremely light as to what completely happened and I can only guess why more hasn’t been said.  Regardless the outcome was tragic and her two young children, ages 5 and 2, died that day. Continue Reading

Setting Gmail as your default email program in Google Chrome v25

Update (2014/04/13):  This article may not be applicable any longer as Google Chrome has changed a bit and as of this update is now at version 34. Please feel free to post a comment if you find this to be/not be a viable option anymore so that I may either change this article to reflect the right procedure or to remove it outright. Thanks.

Many people over the years have wanted to use Google Chrome as their default browser and Gmail as their default email application whenever they click on a mailto: link on any website or link within another email.  There are many Chrome extensions that have been made to provide this utility.  Even Google has made a notifier program that helps with this as well as provides notification on your desktop to alert you whenever you receive a new message.  As of Chrome version 25 I had problems getting it to play nicely with me in accomplishing this very action.  In the past I would use a registry hack, in fact more than one hack.  As Chrome evolved so did the registry values.  Suffice it to say, the registry hack no longer works or at least for me.  Now there’s a better way to handle this and it’s through Chrome’s Protocol Handlers that this functionality can be accomplished. As I mentioned earlier, I had problems getting this to work because all of the sites I’ve visited gave instructions that didn’t work for me or at least they didn’t directly work for me.  The one that came the closest was from Google’s own Blog.  Now that I’ve figured it out, I think I’ll share with the rest of the world. This Google support page describes what you need to do.  But to give you the quick and dirty: Continue Reading